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Top 10 Reasons Android Is The Best OS On The Planet

     What pursues a working system a decent decision for your PC? Certain individuals like Windows, some incline toward Mac OS X, and others may be fanatics of Linux. Presently there’s another choice – Android, the elective portable working system that has been applauded by numerous tech experts and clients the same. In this article, you’ll find out around 10 reasons Android is the best client experience on the planet.

    10 Reasons Android Is The Best OS On The Planet

    1. Android is open source – This is one of the fundamental reasons that Android is the best OS on the planet. Android is open source which implies that anybody can alter and further develop it. This takes into consideration a more adjustable and easy to use experience, which is the reason such countless individuals favor Android.

    2. Android has a tremendous choice of applications – Android has a huge determination of applications, and that really intends that there are in every case new and fascinating applications to be found. There are additionally a lot of application store choices to choose from, so you’re certain to track down something that you like.

    3. Android devices are reasonable – Android devices are reasonable, and that implies that you can bear to purchase various devices and switch them between various purposes. You can involve an Android device for work, play, and individual exercises, which makes it flexible and helpful.

    5. Android refreshes rapidly – Android refreshes rapidly, and that implies that you’ll constantly have the most forward-thinking security and elements that anyone could hope to find. In addition, you will not need to stand by lengthy for new elements or bug fixes to be executed.

    5. Android devices support different dialects – Android devices support various dialects, and that implies that you can utilize them anyplace on the planet regardless convey in your local tongue. This is especially helpful for individuals who travel to various nations and need the flexibility of having the option to speak with local people.

    6. Android devices are equipped for running various applications – Android devices support different applications, and that implies that you can involve them for some purposes and even have a few applications running at the same time. This saves a great deal of time, particularly when you would rather not switch between numerous undertakings or you want an extra application for something explicit.

    7. Android device costs drop – Android device costs will drop over the long haul as an ever increasing number of makers choose to construct Android devices as opposed to fostering their own foundation like Apple did with iOS and Microsoft has finished with Windows Telephone. At last all major cell phone makers will offer Android devices, while just a small bunch of them will offer Windows Telephone devices. This implies that you’ll have the option to purchase Android devices for less expensive than you can now, and the exhibition hole among Android and Windows Telephone will keep on contracting too.

    8. Android devices will be more reasonable – Android devices are now altogether more affordable than Windows Telephone devices by and large, while they are getting more reasonable constantly. The justification for why these costs haven’t as yet dropped a lot is on the grounds that makers would rather not cut into their income to an extreme, particularly in the beginning phases of another stage. Be that as it may, over the long haul we expect lower costs – both on-contract and sponsored – in light of the fact that makers will not have the option to stand to help 32-cycle processors on their telephones and tablets.

    9. Google will keep on acquiring piece of the pie – Android has been acquiring piece of the pie for more than three years at this point, so it isn’t is to be expected that it will keep on doing as such for some time longer. Nonetheless, Microsoft ought to in any case have a lot of chance to make up ground, as different stages are a lot more slow than Android at acquiring new clients.

    10. HTC will be a major victor – HTC as of late begun supplanting its Windows Telephone devices with top of the line Android handsets like the One X, M7, and M8. We expect this pattern to proceed with significantly further in 2014 assuming late tales end up being valid about an impending adaptation of the One series running on the next rendition of Android.

    Why android beats apple

    With regards to cell phone working systems, there’s no question that Android is the lord. That is on the grounds that Android has a lot of incredible highlights that make it the best OS on the planet.

    Android, first and foremost, is open source, and that implies that it’s free and accessible to everybody. This considers a ton of customization and flexibility, which is incredible on the grounds that there are such countless various devices out there.

    Android likewise has a lot of incredible application stores. There are a few different application stores, yet the three most famous ones are Google Play, Apple Application Store, and Amazon Application Store. This implies that you’re constantly ensured to find the application you’re searching for.

    Ultimately, Android has extraordinary battery duration. This is thanks to its custom power-saving highlights and its versatile charging system.

    What are the advantages of android

    Android is the most famous cell phone working system on the planet. It has a large number of advantages that make it the best OS on the planet.

    One of the greatest advantages of Android is its flexibility. Android can be utilized on a great many devices, from little telephones to huge tablets. This flexibility permits individuals to utilize Android any place and at whatever point they need.

    Android likewise has an extensive variety of applications accessible for it. This truly intends that there are in every case previously unheard-of applications accessible to download. There is compelling reason need to stress over running out of applications or becoming exhausted with your ongoing ones.

    Android likewise has major areas of strength for an ecosystem. This really intends that there are various applications accessible to assist clients with achieving their objectives. From banking applications to wellness trackers, there is an application for everybody on Android.

    By and large, Android is the best OS on the planet since it has many advantages that make it extraordinary and alluring.

    What is the top justification behind why android is superior to apple?

    There are many justifications for why Android is the best OS on the planet. Here are only a couple:

    1. Android is open source, and that implies that it is created by the local area and can be adjusted by anybody. This makes it more adaptable and receptive to client needs.

    2. Android has an enormous portion of the overall industry, truly intending that there are a ton of applications and devices accessible that sudden spike in demand for it. This implies that you can find an application or device that suits your requirements, regardless of what brand you like.

    3. Android is worked for cell phones, and that implies that it is advanced for utilization on little screens. This makes it simpler to communicate with data and applications on your telephone.

    4. Android is extremely quick and responsive, making it ideal for use on cell phones.

    There are numerous different motivations behind why Android is the best OS on the planet, yet these are only a couple of the most significant ones. Assuming you’re searching for an OS that will address your issues, android ought to be at the first spot on your list!


    Android has forever been a famous portable working system, however there are a few justifications for why it is the best OS on the planet at the present time. Android, first and foremost, offers clients an extended scope of customization choices with regards to their devices. This implies that you can set your telephone up only the manner in which you need it, without stressing over restrictions imposed by makers. Moreover, Android’s open-source nature makes it simple for designers to make custom applications that work flawlessly with the stage, which thus upgrades its general utility and flexibility. At last, Google keeps on refreshing Android routinely and roll out critical improvements to the working system – implying that your device will actually want to exploit new elements and advances as they become accessible.