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Android vs iPhone: Which OS is best?

    The decision on what operating system to choose is a decision every person has to make when buying a new phone, but it is not always an easy decision. Today we are going to take a look at the two most popular operating systems for smartphones and see how they compare.
    The difference in price is the big thing that people look at when trying to decide what phone to get. The iPhone is a lot more expensive than any Android phone on the market, but you probably want to know why. It comes down to hardware and software.

    The iPhone has a much better camera than any other smart phone. And the screen on the iPhone is bigger than the screen on any other Android device. The hardware that makes up the Apple iPhone could be the reason why it costs more. The difference in features between iPhone and Android phones is what people will have to look at to see if they need it or not. It all comes down to which features you want on your phone and which ones you don’t want.

    Apple products has always been the best-selling choice for smart phones. The company’s most popular device is the iPhone. This phone has gained massive popularity over the past few years. Thousands of people from all over the world own an iPhone. Apple’s popularity stems from the number of applications you can have on the phone, games and music you can play, and apps that help you communicate with friends and family.

    But can the new and improved Android be a competition for Apple?

    The Android operating system has been around for some time now but it did not become popular until when Google released the Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich. It has also been reported that Google will release a new version of Andriod, Jelly Bean, in this summer. Jelly Bean is supposed to be compatible with most phones and tablets in order to compete with Apple, just like its predecessor, Ice Cream Sandwich.

    The biggest difference between Android and iPhone is the operating system. Android is an open-source operating system while the iOS is a closed-source operating system.

    The openness of Android gives you unlimited choices and allows you to customize virtually anything while on the other hand iOS restricts you to large extent. On Android, you can change your default search engine, default browser, default media player and etc… On the other hand, on iOS all these tasks have been taken care of for you by Apple.

    The openness of Android also allows developers to tweak certain things that are not possible on iOS. For example, rooting an Android phone will give you access to lower level of the OS which means that you can speed up your device or increase the battery life. On the other hand, rooting an IOS device or jailbreaking it will give you access to change UI elements or install some applications not available in the App Store.