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Call for Application: Singapore Training Program For Developing Countries 2024

    Singapore Training Program For Developing Countries 2024

    The DCTP is a program sponsored by the Singapore government for young people from developing countries. It offers fully-funded training opportunities in various aviation fields, conducted by the renowned Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA)

    The Singaporean government sponsors the Developing Countries Training Program, which is aimed at young people. The ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau is in charge of this fully funded Singapore training opportunity. Singapore and the ICAO launched the DCTP in 2001, and it has now been extended for an additional three years (2023–2025). You are welcome to take part in this Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) training program. Additionally, 330 Fellowships and 10 sponsored scholarships are available for qualifying members from developing nations worldwide through this completely financed program.

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    This fully sponsored Singapore training includes daily stipends, hotel accommodations, and course fees for the convenience of the students. Training students in a variety of subjects, such as aviation management, air traffic services, airport emergency services, and aviation safety and security, is the primary goal of this financed program. They received up to 10 scholarships and 220 fellowships the year before. 110 fully paid fellowships are available for ICAO Member States to take part in this special program in Singapore during the 2024–2025 academic year.

    Courses for the Singapore Training Program

    Here you can check the list of offered courses available for the Singapore Training Program. The deadline for the courses is 12 weeks before the course starts. The courses offered by the Training Program are:

    Aviation Safety and Security

    1. State Safety Programme Implementation
    2. Auditing Techniques
    3. Aviation Security Management Programme
    4. ICAO Standardized Training Package
    5. ICAO Training Package (Oversight of Aircraft Leasing
    6. Operations)
    7. Aircraft Accident Investigation Techniques
    8. ICAO Training Package(Personnel Licensing System)
    9. Integrated Safety Management Systems

    Aviation Management

    1. Aviation Foundation Programme

    Air Traffic Services

    1. Air Traffic Control Watch Managers
    2. Search and Rescue Administrators
    3. Air Traffic Management Safety Investigation and Analysis

    Fellowship Programs

    The Singapore Training Program offers 10 scholarships and 330 Fellowships for eligible country students. Only the candidates who meet all the requirements of the fellowship can apply.

    Financial Benefits

    Singapore Training Program provides financial support to the selected students to cover the:

    1. Daily allowances
    2. Hotel allowance
    3. Course fee

    Eligibility Criteria

    If you meet all the requirements of the Training Program, you can apply. The eligibility criteria to apply for Fully funded Singapore training is:

    1. Applicants from the ICAO Member States.
    2. if your Portfolio matches the course you applied for.
    3. The participant who has received a nomination by your Director-General of Civil Aviation or equivalent can be eligible.
    4. Good communication Skills.

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    Visa Requirements

    The Visa requirements for the Fully funded Singapore training are as follows;

    1. A valid passport ( Validity for six months after the course is completed)
    2. valid Entry Visa for Singapore
    3. Transit Visa for Travel
    4. Copy of Award letter

    Require Documents

    1. Nomination Form (Copy of Nomination Form Here)
    2. Valid Passport and the First page must be visible
    3. Passport size photographs

    Programme Benefits:

    1. Gain valuable skills and knowledge in the aviation industry.
    2. Receive comprehensive financial support for your training in Singapore.
    3. Participate in a program with a strong reputation delivered by the Singapore Aviation Academy.

    DCTP 2024 Deadline

    The deadlines to apply for different courses are different, so you can check the deadlines of each course in this Table.

    How to Apply For the Singapore Training Program?

    You can apply online via the official link of the Training in Singapore. If you have an account on iSAA, then log in and directly apply to provide the required details but if don’t have an account, first create the account and then apply. Interested candidates find more about the Training program on the Official Website.


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