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Saïd Business School MBA Africa Scholarship (at Oxford University)

    The Saïd Business School MBA Africa Scholarships

    The prestigious Saïd Business School MBA at the University of Oxford offers a gateway to a world-class MBA education, but the price tag can be a significant hurdle. This is where the Saïd Business School Foundation Africa Scholarships (SBSF Africa Scholarships) step in, aiming to bridge the financial gap for talented African students.

    Why the Saïd Business School?

    Saïd Business School boasts a distinguished reputation as a global leader in business education. Earning your MBA here equips you with:

    • Renowned Faculty: Learn from leading academics who are not only experts in their fields but also passionate about shaping the future of business.
    • Rigorous Curriculum: Develop a strong foundation in core business disciplines while exploring cutting-edge trends and innovative approaches.
    • Global Network: Join a vibrant and diverse student body, forging lifelong connections with future business leaders from across the globe.
    • Focus on Purpose: Saïd Business School emphasizes the role of purpose in business, encouraging you to become a leader who tackles real-world challenges and makes a positive impact.


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    The SBSF Africa Scholarships: Investing in African Potential

    The SBSF Africa Scholarships are a testament to Saïd Business School’s commitment to nurturing future African business leaders. These scholarships are designed to:

    • Reduce Financial Barriers: By providing partial scholarships, the program makes the program more accessible for deserving African students.
    • Promote Diversity: A strong contingent of African students enriches the learning experience for everyone and fosters a more globally-minded business perspective.
    • Empower African Development: Scholars who return to Africa after graduation can contribute significantly to the continent’s economic growth and social progress.

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    Who is Eligible?

    The SBSF Africa Scholarships are open to applicants who:

    • Hold African Citizenship: Demonstrate your deep connection to the African continent.
    • Possess Strong Academics: A stellar academic record is essential, with a strong undergraduate degree and a competitive GMAT or GRE score.
    • Have Proven Work Experience: A minimum of two years’ experience allows you to showcase your professional capabilities and potential for leadership.
    • Demonstrate Commitment to Africa: You should be able to articulate a strong connection to the continent and a desire to contribute to its development.

    What are the Scholarship Benefits?

    The SBSF Africa Scholarships offer:

    • Partial Scholarships: These scholarships typically cover a portion of your tuition fees, making the overall cost of the program significantly more manageable.
    • Access to World-Class Education: The scholarship allows you to gain an invaluable MBA qualification from a top-ranked business school.
    • Investment in Your Future: The scholarship represents an investment in your potential to become a leader who shapes Africa’s future.

    How to Apply

    There is no separate application process for the SBSF Africa Scholarships. All eligible applicants who are offered admission to the MBA program are automatically considered for scholarship funding. However, applying early is recommended, as scholarships are not guaranteed in later application rounds.

    Preparing a Strong Application

    To increase your chances of securing a scholarship, focus on crafting a compelling application that highlights your:

    • Academic Excellence: Showcase your strong academic record and intellectual curiosity.
    • Professional Achievements: Demonstrate your work experience, highlight your accomplishments, and showcase your leadership potential.
    • Commitment to Africa: Clearly articulate your connection to the continent, your understanding of its challenges, and your vision for its future.
    • Motivation and Goals: Express your enthusiasm for the MBA program, explain how it aligns with your career goals, and how you plan to leverage your studies to contribute to Africa’s development.

    Additional Scholarship Opportunities

    While the SBSF Africa Scholarships are a great starting point, it’s wise to explore other funding avenues. Here are some resources:

    • Saïd Business School Foundation (SBSF) Scholarships: The SBSF offers a broader range of partial scholarships for all MBA students, not just those from Africa. Consider researching these as well.
    • External Scholarships: Research scholarships offered by organizations, governments, and foundations that support African students pursuing postgraduate studies.

    Embrace the Opportunity: Invest in Yourself and Africa’s Future

    The Saïd Business School MBA Africa Scholarships represent a life-changing opportunity. By providing financial support, the program empowers you to gain a world-class education and become a leader who shapes a brighter future for Africa. If you are a talented and ambitious African professional with a passion for making a difference, this scholarship program is definitely worth exploring.

    Start your journey today. Invest in your future and become a catalyst for positive change in Africa!