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Remote Virtual Assistants Needed at BBE Marketing Inc

    BBE Marketing creates online products that help businesses connect with celebrities and influencers. We are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant to join our team.

    As a Virtual Assistant, you will be responsible for a range of administrative tasks, including research, customer service, and project management.

    Your role will be vital in ensuring smooth operations and timely completion of various projects within our organization.

    The tasks include:
    • Conduct thorough research by tracking news updates and industry trends relevant to our organization, and promptly notify the team in Slack about any important developments.
    • Manage and check the work of writers to ensure the quality, accuracy, and originality of their writing. Provide constructive feedback and guidance when necessary.
    • Handle customer service inquiries promptly and professionally, providing excellent support to our clients and ensuring their satisfaction.
    • Maintain an organized system for managing customer inquiries and follow-up tasks, ensuring all requests are addressed in a timely manner.
    • Manage and issue customer refunds and handle chargebacks
    • Assist in project management by tracking the progress of specific team tasks and ensuring they are completed within the designated timeframes.
    • Proactively identify any issues or delays in project milestones and promptly notify the management team for timely resolution.
    • Collaborate with team members and stakeholders to ensure effective communication and coordination throughout projects.
    • Assist with general administrative tasks, such as data entry, scheduling meetings, preparing reports, and maintaining documentation.

    • Experience using Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
    • Customer service experience
    • Mailchimp experience is a plus
    • WordPress experience is a plus
    • Experience with Asana is a plus
    • Strong organizational skills