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Call for Applications: NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship Program

    NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship Program

    A fantastic chance to spend a semester at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is provided by the NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship.

    A more plane description of the opportunity offered by the NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship are:

    1. Spend a Semester at MIT: This is a truly remarkable chance. MIT is a world-renowned university known for its excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Being selected for this fellowship would allow you to:
      1. Immerse yourself in a stimulating academic environment and learn from world-class professors.
      2. Take advantage of MIT’s cutting-edge facilities and resources.
      3. Network with other talented students and researchers from around the globe.
    2. Fully Funded Fellowship: The NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship covers all the major expenses associated with your semester at MIT. This includes:
      1. Tuition fees
      2. Accommodation
      3. Living expenses
      4. Instructional materials

    This financial support removes a significant barrier and allows you to focus entirely on the academic experience at MIT.
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    Overall, the NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship is an invaluable opportunity for Nigerian engineering faculty members to enhance their knowledge, skills, and teaching methods at a top institution like MIT. This could have a significant impact on their careers and ultimately benefit the quality of engineering education in Nigerian universities.

    NNPC Limited, TotalEnergies Upstream Nigeria Limited (TUPNI), and MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiative) are the sponsors of this fully funded teaching-focused NNPC/TotalEnergies Fellowship.

    The NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship program has a two-pronged approach to supporting Nigeria’s socioeconomic growth through education:

    1. Building Alliances with Renowned Institutions:

      1. Esteemed Domestic Institutions: Partnering with top Nigerian universities allows the program to identify and support talented engineering faculty members within the country.
      2. Foreign Academic Institutions: Collaborating with a prestigious institution like MIT exposes Nigerian faculty to innovative teaching methods, advanced curriculum design, and cutting-edge research, which they can then bring back to their home universities.
    2. Investing in Faculty Development:

      1. Equipping Faculty with Advanced Skills: By providing faculty with the opportunity to learn from MIT professors, the program aims to enhance their teaching skills and knowledge base in engineering fields critical to Nigeria’s development (e.g., petroleum engineering, computer science).
      2. Creating a Ripple Effect: The hope is that these faculty members, upon returning to Nigeria, will
        1. Implement innovative teaching methods in their classrooms, leading to a more engaging and effective learning experience for Nigerian engineering students.
        2. Contribute to the development of new and improved engineering curricula at their universities, ensuring students graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to address Nigeria’s specific needs.

    In essence, the program aims to create a long-term impact by nurturing a generation of highly skilled Nigerian engineering professionals who can contribute to the country’s economic and social progress.

    The ETT Fellowship aims to bring about significant changes in Nigerian tertiary education by serving as a laboratory for innovation in engineering education.

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    The goal of MISTI is to change the way science and engineering are taught in African institutions by emphasizing problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. Furthermore, because to extreme neglect and a lack of funding, standards in these postsecondary schools have declined.

    Requirements for the NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship Program

    To apply for the NNPC/TotalEnergies Fellowship, you must:

    1. Be interested in developing new curricula and teaching methods, and consider yourself a change agent
    2. Hold a PhD and be a faculty member in a Nigerian university teaching Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical or Petroleum Engineering, or Geophysics
    3. Have a Lecturer One rank

     Duration and Reward for the NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship Program

    MIT-ETT will select a group of exceptional young faculty members from disciplines such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Geophysics from Nigerian universities.

    These fellows will spend a semester at MIT on a fully funded trip, either in Spring 2024 (February-May 2024) or Fall 2024 (September-December 2024).

    The MIT-ETT program will cover the basic travel, living, and instructional materials expenses for the participants.

    During their time at MIT, selected faculty members will:

    1. Observe at least two classes similar to those they currently teach
    2. Develop new curricular materials and teaching approaches for adoption in their home universities
    3. Attend two weekly MIT-ETT seminars focused on curriculum design and MIT cultural aspects

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    How To Apply for the NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship Program

    To apply for the NNPC/TotalEnergies ETT Fellowship, interested and qualified applicants should apply using the link below

    1. Visit the fellowship application webpage
    2. Upload all required documents and submit your application.
    3. Applications will undergo a thorough vetting process, and an MIT committee will establish a list of top candidates
    4. Interviews will take place in Lagos with MIT faculty and representatives of NNPC Limited and Total Energies during the week of July 22.
    5. Selected candidates will receive interview notifications at the beginning of July 2024
    6. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the selection interview
    7. TotalEnergies reserves the right to modify, alter, reverse, or change the schedule and/or the selection process

    Deadline: May 26, 2024

    Apply here 

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