A Lesson From Emmanuel Osei Owusu’s Story at Pokuase

This morning, I came to Pokuase to look for, and found Emmanuel Osei Owusu Jnr.

After showing his photo to a couple of guys around, one told me I had just missed him, meaning he was just around.

After hanging around for a while, I saw him approach me with much ecstasy, telling me someone had alerted him I was looking for him.

I asked for us to get a place to sit, where I took the opportunity to listen to his story well, ask questions to make sure his story was genuine.

A Good Samaritan had earlier sent 100cedis to help him. He said he was yet to eat that morning so I withdrew the money and gave it to him first.

Another helper had arranged with a nurse at the Pokuase Clinic so Emmanuel could get a fully paid treatment for his hand. I called the nurse and she gave me directions to the clinic.

While still investigating his Prempeh College Old Boy claim with the help of some “Amanfo)”, one of such called me to alert me I was dealing with an imposter.

He asked I put the phone on speaker, which I did, as he proceeded to ask Emmanuel certain “Amanfo)” security questions.

He called “Senior, senior, senior”, three times, which response was supposed to be same, but unfortunately Emmanuel’s response was, “yeah, yeah, yeah”, to all three calls.

The Prempeh Old Boy asked Emmanuel his batch of completion and class, since they had both the three years and four years batches completing in 2013 but the latter said he was part of the three years batch and in Science 3, which was proven to be false.

The third test was to mention three former classmates of his which he mention three names, which I can’t readily recall. Actually, those names were well rehearsed names.

It was confirmed there and then that Emmanuel was an imposter, and was just using the Prempeh College tag to solicit help.

I asked him to mention another three names from his batch and he mentioned “Rosemond Asare”.

I asked him, Emmanuel, I thought Prempeh is a boys school.

“Let me tell you the truth, I didn’t complete at Prempeh College. I rather completed my third year at Osei Kyeretwie SHS (OKESS)”, was his response.

That, I found out later, was also a lie.

He confessed that he never attended Prempeh College but had friends who are old students and that’s how come he was able to mention the names he gave earlier.

His admitted his offense and said that he knew Prempeh College is a prominent school so attaching himself to the school had a high possibility of getting him some help.

Though I was unhappy with him, I still wanted to take him to the clinic for the treatment and any further assistance your kind selves wanted to offer him but he had to eat first.

As we were going to a food joint he had pointed at that he wanted to buy his food from, a group of men at the Pokuase Timber Market called me to come.

There and then, Emmanuel’s calm nature changed. He was unhappy the men were calling me and rather strangely told me I don’t know anyone there so I shouldn’t go.

I refused and rather told him to come along with me so we listen to what the men had to tell me. Emmanuel hesitated for some minutes but followed me eventually.

The men warned me against going with him to that food joint. It was actually a hub for the junkies and their cohorts, and I stand a high chance of being robbed off my personal effects.

Emmanuel is a junkie, and was leading me to be robbed. It seemed.

I was saved by the men.

I jokingly asked him to return the 100cedis but he refused and walked away.

I called at him several times but he ignored me and went straight into the chop bar, cursing at the men for exposing him.

I have been waiting ever since, for him to come out but I guess 31st December will meet me here.

I wish to express my profound gratitude to you all for showing concern and your desire to help him. It’s unfortunate he didn’t actually need the help, though he does.

The calls and messages to support have been overwhelming. I pray a more deserving person gets to receive such attention from you all.

God bless you all abundantly.


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